What is Cross Education Lab?

Through the science of “00×education,” we will discover the educational value of the things around us and work to meet the diverse needs of modern education by increasing educational options that are not limited to traditional subjects.
The Cross Education Lab will serve as a hub to cross (×) various things (〇〇) with education and create completely new education-related services you never seen before.

Background of Establishment

The Cross Education Lab was established to respond to the diverse educational needs that cannot be covered by school education. In today’s world, there are many diverse educational needs that go beyond the boundaries of school subjects, but school education alone is not enough to meet the needs of children who love what they do, making it difficult for them to develop their abilities.
In addition to children, recurrent education after adulthood is at the lowest level among OECD countries, and we believe that there are issues with education for adults as well.
We believe that education is not something special, and that everything around us can be used as educational content.
However, in order to learn something from everything around us, it is important to take some effective approach. At the Cross Education Lab, we are researching the educational aspects of various everyday objects and their effects.
In addition to research, we also collaborate with companies on work based on the results of our research and engage in activities that are more closely related to the real world, so that we can contribute to the future of education in Japan.

Management Company

80&Company Inc. has established a startup studio, TECH STUDIO KYOTO, in 2019 to create a starting point for innovation in Kyoto. At the same time, we have gathered members with a high level of expertise in solving problems in specific areas and setting up labs for each theme.
We are using TECH STUDIO KYOTO as a hub to promote collaboration between clients, universities, students, and venture companies, and conduct new business development, joint research and development, and web system/application development.
We also develop talented people through highly specialized activities in the labs, and introduce high quality people with high technical skills to companies.

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80&Company Inc.
Kyoto Head Office / Kyoto – 6-1 Yoshida Ushinomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Tokyo- Ryumeikan Honten Building, 3-4 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo