Passed the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University at the top of his class.
Finalist in Nippon Television Network Corporation's "最強の頭脳 日本一決定戦!頭脳王" finalist for three consecutive years


After passing the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University at the top of her class by using her own study method, she appeared as a finalist for three consecutive years on “最強の頭脳 日本一決定戦!頭脳王” Nippon Television Network Corporation’s He has shown his talent in various fields, including being the best in Japan at competitive Karuta.
He also runs “となりにコーチ,” an online tutoring school where students from Kyoto University can take entrance exams from anywhere in Japan. He teaches students not only the school they want to attend and their academic ability, but also the study habits and lifestyle habits that they have developed over the years.

He has published educational books on efficient study and concentration methods that have sold more than 60,000 copies in total. About detail below,