Cross Education Lab. has established by the world’s top 10 teachers as a practical lab to create innovative education!

80 & Company Inc (Kyoto, Japan, Representative Director: Hiroki Horiike) has pleased to announce that the Cross Education Lab, which is going to open in the TECH STUDIO KYOTO office on September 16.
Cross Education Lab has been established in the TECH STUDIO KYOTO office, with Hidekazu Shoto who had been nominated “Global Teacher Prize 2019,” the “Nobel Prize in Education,” as the lab representative.

Studies and research on educational effectiveness in various fields

  • Supervision of educational content
  • Educational events and various lectures
  • Joint research and development with companies on the theme of education × ●, and development of teaching tools
  • Practice and support activities based on the theme of education × ●, and provide places for learning

If you are interested in the education and edutainment area of CEL, please feel free to contact us here.


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